Recorded at Electrical Audio with Greg Norman and at Kinora with Justin Dennis, Daniel Knox is Daniel's third release. Featuring contributions by Bill Callahan, Brett Sparks (The Handsome Family) and Thor Harris (Swans).

  • Blue Car
  • Don’t Touch Me
  • By The Venture
  • Lawrence & MacArthur
  • Incident At White Hen
  • High Pointe Drive
  • White Oaks Mall
  • David Charmichael
  • Car Blue
  • 14 15 111
Evryman For Himself

Picking up where Disaster left off, Evryman For Himself features a full band and larger arrangements, with contributions from Jason Toth, Paul Parts, David Coulter, and the horns of Ralph Carney. Recorded mainly in Daniel's kitchen and living room from 2009-2010.

  • Ghostsong (preview)
  • I Make Enemies
  • …etc…
  • Slowly
  • Evryman For Himself
  • Fightscene
  • #2
  • Debt Collector
  • Chores
  • Get Out
  • Yet Another One For You
  • Smartass
  • You Win Some, You Tie Some
  • Armageddonsong

Recorded over 3 months in a small apartment, this is Daniel's first collection of songs intended for proper release. Featuring a variety of instruments played alone and his brother Robert Martin on guitar. The first entry in the planned Disaster Trilogy.

  • It Gets Better
  • What Have They Done To You Now
  • Disaster
  • Man Without A Past
  • Gone Old Days
  • Naive Theresa
  • You Should Be Shining My Shoes
  • Redhanded
  • Lovescene
  • Get To Know Your Neighbors
  • No Accident
  • Reminder
  • Loves Money
  • Be Afraid